£395 fully installed including 36 months hosting
Price £ FREE Per Month
£395 fully installed including 36 months hosting The AMS Fleetmanager Lite vehicle tracking device is the best of breed. One payment of £395 gives 36 months tracking, all in. Go!
Real Time Vehicle Tracking
Price £ 19.50 Per Month
Real Time Vehicle Tracking 12 Month Contract - Free Installation - Onsite Warranty
- Exceptional Service.
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5 Things To Consider When Buying a Tracking System

1)      Shop around; don’t just go for the first one you see.

2)      Make sure the frequency updates are reasonable. Some tracking systems only update once every 10 minutes or once every 3 minutes. You may think this is fine, but consider that you can probably get turn by turn updates or once every 30 seconds for the same price.

3)      Get a demo of the tracking system before you buy it to make sure you find it easy to work with.

4)      Do some research on the company or companies that you are considering. Make sure that they do not have a bad reputation for one reason or another. Plus also do a credit check on the company. If you enter into a lease with a tracking company and they go bust, the lease company will more than likely still expect you to pay.

5)      Consider buying the tracking on a pay as you go basis or on a 12 month contract. If you are stuck in a 3 to 5 year contract you could be paying over the odds for it in a few years when the prices have gone up. Plus you may want to move on from your current provider at a later date for a myriad of reasons. Being stuck in a long contract is not restricting and can be costly.

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