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An Amazing ROI With Vehicle Tracking

In Dallas the dustbin lorries are now being tracking using GPS tracking. The systems were fitted over a year ago now. Before they were fitted many people inside the council were dubious as to whether the tracking systems would save enough money to vouch investing $700,000 in the fleet tracking management system.

It was put to a vote before they went ahead with the vehicle tracking contract and many voted against it. The union was not in favour of the new tracking systems. They felt that there was no proof that the tracking systems would help to reduce costs and increase productivity.

After the first 12 months they have calculated a $677,000 saving which is almost as much as systems cost in the first place. This means that the tracking systems have as good as paid from themselves in just 12 months. This is a fantastic ROI and just goes to show how GPS vehicle tracking systems can well and truly save you a fortune and can easily pay for themselves.

This is just one of many stories of how vehicle tracking can help to stamp down on costs, increase productivity and up profits.

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