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Bikes, Vehicles, and Fleet Trucks can be tracked down

For any fleet company examining vehicle tracking products right now, there are some good stories out there that can help one choose a specific company or product for tracking. For example, CTrack has just managed to help Calderdale Council recover a quad bike. The council used the vehicle tracking system to find a quad bike worth 7,000 pounds. It only took three hours. The bike is used for weed spraying and it was stolen after a break in at Pellon, Halifax depot.

The bike was tracked eight miles to an estate between Bradford and Halifax. The housing development is being redeveloped. CTrack was able to track the movements of the bike and managed to ensure complete recovery of the vehicle. Mark Dempsey from the council stated that from the time that the break in was realised to the police finding the bike it was less than three hours. The ability to track so successfully is all due to vehicle tracking options for the quad bike.

Any fleet that has expensive trucks or the fear of theft can rest easy with vehicle tracking systems. CTrack is just one company that has recently managed to recover stolen property. Other companies have also been just as helpful.

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