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Car Theft In The UK Is Down 66%

Car theft in the UK has dropped a great deal in the last 20 years. Twenty years ago around 600,000 cars a year were stolen. This colossal figure has now lowered to 119,000 in 2010. This huge drop in car theft is largely due to developments in security technology. Most cars these days are very difficult to steal without the keys or a trailer.

Thieves these days often put the vehicle on a trailer and drive away with the vehicle that way. The only problem with this is that many of the more expensive and desirable cars that thieves like to steal have anti theft tracking attached to them and are often recovered very promptly.

Many vehicles are stolen by first stealing the keys and then simply getting in and driving the car away. In fact 20% of all home burglaries are simply carried out in order to steal car keys.

The only security feature that not all cars have now is anti theft vehicle tracking and this would help to stop both of the above methods of car theft. This is why insurance companies often insist on anti theft tracking being installed before they insure cars that are statistically at a high risk of being stolen.

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