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Car Thieves Are Now Using Vehicle Tracking Chip Detectors

As the illegal industry of dealing in stolen high end vehicles continues thieves have realised that they need a way getting around the vehicle tracking systems which are fitted to many expensive motor vehicles.

By using a vehicle tracking chip detector the thieves can first ascertain whether the vehicle is fitted with a tracker. If it is fitted with one, they have a heads up on whether the need to locate the tracking system and disable it or simply find another vehicle to steal.

In this day of high tech car security many car thieves are now realising that if they want to be successful at what they do, they need to become much more switched on in their technical know how.

It’s not just vehicle tracking detectors that car thieves carry these days. To get around the high tech security installed in today’s luxury vehicles they often carry a whole tool kit of high tech gadgets including ignition reset devices and all vehicle alarm remote controls. This is to name just a few of the gadgets they carry with them. Within the electronics industry there is now a niche of businesses creating equipment that will enable thieves to operate much more effectively.

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