Real Time Vehicle Tracking
Price £ 19.50 Per Month
Real Time Vehicle Tracking 12 Month Contract - Free Installation - Onsite Warranty
- Exceptional Service.
£395 fully installed including 36 months hosting
Price £ FREE Per Month
£395 fully installed including 36 months hosting The AMS Fleetmanager Lite vehicle tracking device is the best of breed. One payment of £395 gives 36 months tracking, all in. Go!
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Features of Vehicle Tracking

Explaining GPS Tracking Technology

The number one tool used by fleet managers today to help them keep up to date as to where their vehicles are at any given time is GPS vehicle tracking technology. There are basically two types of GPS tracking technology […]

Alerts Via SMS From Your Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking systems often have various alerts that they send out for when specified events occur. These alerts can be very useful to dispatch and fleet managers as they help them to have a clear idea and be aware of […]

Privacy Buttons With Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking systems are now available with the option of having a privacy button. The button will be fitted so that drivers can click this button when they are doing private journeys. This feature has come about to overcome the […]

Vehicle Tracking Systems Save Companies A Fortune

Most companies run a commercial fleet to distribute their products and are finding an enormous range of benefits from investment in GPS tracking systems to run them efficiently. Initially,

What Is A GPS Tracking System

These days GPS tracking systems are becoming standard in every bodies lives, this type of modern technology provides security and convenience too many peoples and businesses lives. There are still people who are unfamiliar with GPS tracking systems,

Multiple Drivers

Many companies have vehicles which are driven by more than one driver. Often a car, van or truck can be driven by many different drivers over the course of a month. Therefore it is one thing knowing where a vehicle […]

Lesser Known Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking offers a variety of benefits to companies who run mobile fleets. A lot of businesses are already aware of certain benefits such as reductions in fuel costs and better profitability,

Tracking Helps Health and Safety

Health and safety is an ongoing concern for businesses these days. Gone are the days when companies could ignore their obligations to keeping their staff and on site customers safe. These days there are large penalties and fines to businesses […]

TomTom Work with Tachograph Integration

TomTom are most famous for their satnavs, but they are also involved in GPS vehicle tracking systems. It’s a natural progression from satnav as they both rely on GPS technology to work.

Car Tracking Explained

Car tracking explained takes us to see that trackers known as GPS systems are designed to help protect your vehicle. It is somewhat of an antitheft car system. Car trackers will also help you protect your business planning because you […]

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