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Cheaper Alternative To Diesel

There will soon be a cheaper more environmentally friendly alternative to diesel. This will be a fuel made from used plastic containers and plastic bags. The technology to turn used plastic containers into diesel was developed by company called Cynar.

The fuel will produce less co2 omissions and therefore be more environmentally friendly. To add to this it is expected to be much cheaper than diesel. Another benefit of this diesel alternative is that it means that many millions of tons of plastics that would have otherwise been taken to and dumped in land fill sites will now be put to good use.

With rising fuel prices this could be a solution that could be incredibly useful to help keep the cost of not only fuel down but everything else. Rising fuel prices force up the cost of living in general as we rely on fuel so heavily.

A company called Sita is planning to open the first plant in Europe to process plastics into diesel. They will be processing 6000 tonnes of plastic a year. This will in turn produce 4 million litres of fuel a year.

It will be interesting to see how this takes off and if it becomes a success or not.

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