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  • Businesses with a fleet of vehicles know that there is a huge benefit to constantly knowing the location of the different vehicles in their fleet, as these vehicles are often worth large amounts of money or could be carrying extremely valuable cargo. This means that the loss of just one of these vehicles can lead to a massive loss of income and affect the business’ financial situation heavily – something that is even more undesirable in these tough economic times.

    Luckily for businesses though commercial vehicle tracking provides a way to transform the way in which a business operates. In fact, even customers have cottoned on to the fact that vehicle tracking is an important element of any company, with a number of customers often requesting that a company they use has this system installed, so as to protect the valuable items that they are often having transported. In the past it was the cost of this system that held people back from implementing it, but now this has changed – commercial vehicle tracking is more affordable than it has ever been!

    There are a huge amount of different types of businesses that can benefit from the installation of commercial vehicle tracking, such as taxi companies, delivery companies and rental car businesses, all of which need to know where their vehicles are at any given time. It also ensures that the most effective route is always being taken, which saves on both fuel and time.

    There are a number of specific benefits that both the customer and the business will receive due to the implementation of a vehicle tracking system. The customer’s benefits include:

    • An increased knowledge of the exact ETA.
    • Proof that the job or delivery has been completed.
    • The knowledge that the correct level of service has been supplied.
    • Alerts when a vehicle arrives or leaves.
    • The benefits for the business using the vehicle tracking system include:

      • Real time control of the fleet.
      • An increase in the security of the fleet.
      • A reduction in the cost of operating a fleet.
      • A huge increase in the quality of customer service that can be offered.
      • These aren’t the only benefits though – a commercial tracking system will also allow the driver’s behavior to be monitored, prevent theft of any kind and even indicate whether a driver is taking too many breaks. The tracking records can also assist in verifying whether the correct vehicle mileage is being completed by the driver – something that can also be used to investigate potentially fraudulent expense claims.

        The initial investment required to implement a commercial tracking system often deters businesses from taking the plunge, but this is something that shouldn’t be of concern. The increase in security and the savings that the system will ensures that a commercial vehicle tracking system is something that every business should install. In fact, the price of the installation of this system could come down should the business install the tracker into all of their vehicles in the fleet, therefore meaning it is often a good idea to buy in bulk. As the market becomes saturated with companies offering this service, the price has gone down as well, so now smaller businesses can easily afford a tracking system – a system that will provide many, many benefits!

        As previously stated, any business can now afford to install a tracking system. There are some specific businesses that use the technology more than others though, including:

        • Haulage firms.
        • Taxi companies.
        • Vehicle rental companies.
        • The military.
        • Delivery companies.
        • These businesses aren’t the only ones to use commercial vehicle tracking services though – any company with a fleet should look into this technology further as soon as they can!

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