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DHL using UK Tracking Company

DHL Express Singapore is helping out a UK company in a few ways. One, the company is able to expand into a new country and second, they are increasing their monetary earnings. DHL Express Singapore started using Vehicle Energy Reduction Program protocols in March 2011. It is the first Asia Pacific region to involve 16 of the 158 delivery trucks with vehicle tracking devices.

The diesel trucks are fitted with tracking devices that provide data about fuel usage and driving behaviour to GeoManager. It is the software that reports on fuel and driver behaviour trends. In the first 16 weeks of the trial DHL learned several things about their drivers such as driving fast, braking harshly, and accelerating harshly.

The trial actually started in Europe with DHL in 2009. At the time they wanted to improve DHL driving behaviour and fuel usage by at least 5%. The devices were and are supplied by Trimble, a UK company. The company offers devices and customised systems to ensure that DHL and anyone else have what they need to find savings. Singapore was chosen as a secondary trial due to the urban location and issues they already have with their deliveries.

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