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  • Tracking your fleet of vehicles is becoming ever more popular. The nature of fleet vehicles and employees working remotely has brought a set of its own problems. Fleet tracking solves problems and has the following benefits:

    • You gain a greater control over your fleet of vehicles when you know where they are at all times. When you know where traffic jams are you can direct drivers to alternative routes to avoid them. This saves on time and fuel, which ultimately saves money.
    • Idling of vehicles wastes an enormous amount of fuel and money and with idling reports via fleet tracking systems you can lower the amount of idling time.
    • One of the biggest expenses most businesses have is there staff. By tracking your fleet of vehicles you know where your mobile staff are most of the time. This can help prevent staff from skiving off as well as putting in false over time claims.
    • You can increase customer service as customers can be given a more accurate idea of deliveries.
    • Many company vehicles are abused and driven over the speed limit. These two problems result in unnecessary ware and tear on the vehicles. Also it is not desirable for company vehicles with their brand splashed across the side of them to be driven in an unsafe manner. Vehicle tracking can help to keep tabs on when vehicles speed and how they are driven. These give managers the opportunity to put a stop to drivers who repeatedly speed or drive in a manner which is unsafe or heavy going on the vehicles.
    • There are many alerts which managers can receive from fleet tracking systems which will give vital information about any one of their vehicles to help them better manage their business. These alerts range from temperature control of chilled trailers to congestion zone alerts to alerts of vehicles leaving a particular geographical area. Alerts are a great way of keeping tabs on your fleet.
    • Tracking systems help to improve security. If vehicles are stolen then they are more likely to be recovered and the criminals involved are more likely to be caught. Also if the tracking system is Thatcham approved it will lower your annual insurance premium.
    • A large portion of the vehicles on the road today belong to a fleet. The number of fleet vehicles on the road is growing all the time as companies increasingly rely on cars, vans and lorries to run their business. For this reason and the fact that GPS fleet tracking will only become cheaper as time goes on it is widely believed that fleet tracking or vehicle tracking as it is sometimes known will eventually become a standard in most vehicles that belong to a fleet.

      There may even come a day when all vehicles in the UK are tracked. The enormous benefits to policing an ever growing population can be helped massively is all vehicles are fitted with a vehicle tracking system.

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