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Food Delivery Welcomes GPS Tracking Devices

Ordering a take-away is never going to be the same again as GPS tracking technology joins the food service delivery market, following the launch of the world’s first fully integrated real-time GPS driver and order software. With a clear understanding of where a company’s drivers and orders are, and knowledge of when the next available driver is due back, operators can radically improve their service to their customers. With customer service being such a vital tool to enhance the competitive edge of one company over another, the food delivery industry is taking this new software solution very seriously.

The real time tracker allows consumers to follow their order, in real time, from the moment it leaves the kitchen; it allows restaurant operators to view every order and every driver, preparing for instant collection as soon as a returning driver arrives back. Orders can be allocated efficiently and delivery times to customers can be reduced. The software also affords, of course, the usual GPS tracking facility so that drivers can quickly be located if they get into difficulty.

Order Tracking means that customers can track their order online and watch their order progress simply by entering their phone number onto the restaurant’s website. The company launching the new application for GPS tracking regard this to be the most significant breakthrough since Internet Ordering.

2 Responses to Food Delivery Welcomes GPS Tracking Devices

  1. Shakoor says:

    We have a fleet of 20 cars

  2. ibrahim says:

    Kindly recommend a GPS system for a restaurant food delivery company. We have 5 drivers and 2 POS and one admin.

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