Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are a great way to save money and time. You can get discounted fuel cards and non discounted fuel cards. Discounted fuel cards as the name suggests give you a discount on the fuel you buy.

Save Up To 5%

With a discounted fuel card you can save up to 5% on the fuel your purchase. There are two types of discounted fuel cards, fixed weekly rate cards and at the pump discount cards.

Fixed Weekly Rate Cards

With a fixed weekly rate card the price you pay for your fuel is set at the beginning of each week. So every week you have a fixed price you will pay regardless of the price it states at the forecourt. These cards can be great if you buy a lot of fuel from filling stations on the motorway where prices tend to be higher than the average.

At The Pump Discount

These cards give you a fixed percentage of the price you pay at the pump. So whatever the price is on that forecourt, the agreed discount is applied to the price you pay. If you fill up in petrol stations in local areas or supermarkets then you are likely to benefit more from these cards.

Advice On Fuel Cards

When it comes to fuel cards the options available to you can be quite baffling. For this reason it is wise to talk to someone who can advice you on the card that will best suit your needs. One fuel card maybe great for one business but be not give much of a discount at all for another business.

Additional Benefits of Fuel Cards

Not all fuel cards are discounted, so why else would you get a fuel card? Well there are additional benefits to getting a fuel cards. These include:

1)      Less paperwork is necessary.

2)       Increased visibility on what fuel is being purchased and how much it is costing.

3)      Fuel cards can only be used to purchase fuel and therefore they cannot be used to buy other non business related items by your staff.

4)      Often they can only be used to purchase fuel for that particular vehicle. This means that staff cannot use it to fill up their private vehicles.

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