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Fuel Might Not Rise As Much As We Fear

We have been warned of fuel price rises of up to 8% by RMI Petrol. The AA on the other hand do not agree. They think that price rises will not be nearly so steep. Even in the run up to the bank holiday the price increases were meant to be significant according to the RMI and due to a supermarket price war this has not happened.

The AA think that the RMI are wrong to make this accusation and that really the prices are highly unlikely to rise so much. Although the AA admit that the divide between the north of England and the South of England regarding fuel price could continue to get much wider.

Such price rises are something that the UK government really need to consider, because if fuel does increase so steeply then this could put further strain in an already struggling economy in the UK.

The UK is still recovering from a bad recession and such fuel prices will cause the price of other items and service to increase and lower the number of sales. This is not something that the UK needs right now or even for that matter.

Vehicle tracking could become even more important for businesses running fleets than ever before.

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