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Fuel Prices Rise Due To A Weak Pound

Fuel prices are always rising and for companies that run a fleet of vehicles, it is important to keep on top of this cost. The common factors blamed for a rise in fuel prices include an increase in duty and an increase in the cost of crude oil.

The other reason for the increase in fuel prices is a weak pound. This reason is often over looked by many people when discussing petrol and diesel price rises. The reason a weak pound can lead to higher fuel prices is that oil which is the raw ingredient and the main ingredient of petrol and diesel is bought in dollars. Therefore if you get fewer dollars to the pound, in turn you get less oil for every pound you spend. Therefore in reality petrol and diesel costs more.

If you consider that three years ago you would have got $2 to the pound and now you can only get about $1.50 to the pound you can see the reason for the large increase in the price you pay at the pump.

This gives you more reasons than ever before to invest in vehicle tracking to lower the fuel you consume and in turn the amount you spend on fuel.

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