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Real Time Vehicle Tracking
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Real Time Vehicle Tracking 12 Month Contract - Free Installation - Onsite Warranty
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GPS Real Time Tracking System

There was a time when vehicle tracking systems did not relay the location back to a central computer in real time. The location of the vehicles being tracked could not be seen until the vehicle returned to base. This had its obvious disadvantages to the vehicle tracking systems we have today.

Unless the GPS tracking systems give real time information on the whereabouts of the vehicle it does not help to improve security. So that benefit goes out of the window right away. Other benefits such as being able to give customers up to the minute information on when deliveries will be made we another benefit that these older systems did not have.

Real time vehicle tracking systems use GPRS (general packet radio service) to communicate the location and any other information that the tracking system collects regarding the vehicle to a central server. This information can then be viewed via the tracking system application on a PC connected to the internet.

GPS real time tracking systems are now the norm in the vehicle tracking world. Very few people use the old systems as they lack many of the benefits that real time systems have.

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