Real Time Vehicle Tracking
Price £ 19.50 Per Month
Real Time Vehicle Tracking 12 Month Contract - Free Installation - Onsite Warranty
- Exceptional Service.
£395 fully installed including 36 months hosting
Price £ FREE Per Month
£395 fully installed including 36 months hosting The AMS Fleetmanager Lite vehicle tracking device is the best of breed. One payment of £395 gives 36 months tracking, all in. Go!
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Isotrak Seminars on Fleet Tracking

Isotrack has announced they will provide seminars to guests who want to know more about vehicle tracking. Even with more companies choosing fleet tracking for their HGV vehicles and other cars, there are still many others that have yet to spend the money to obtain the much needed devices. Isotrack believes they can help more companies realise the expenditure is going to pay off more over time than not having it at all.

Isotrak states that vehicle tracking can save millions of pounds per year when a company is willing to manage their workforce with the system. Costs are saved on service, it improves services, improves driver behaviour to save money, and provides better safety. There is very little that isn’t good about fleet tracking.

Most companies are still holding out, according to Isotrak, because of the costs of the fleet tracking. They believe it is too much to spend on a product, but do not consider the technological solutions and savings that can be found.

In order to make it clear, Isotrak says, they will offer seminars to represent the most important aspects of fleet tracking, as well as to show the product developments that are ongoing right now. Vehicle tracking is not sitting back and letting the technology on the market now remain. They are continually improving services. It means that over time the services have already become less expensive and better for consumers.

It is not a question of affordability at the beginning. There are plenty of ways to purchase fleet tracking systems to make it affordable. Instead, companies have to look at the overall savings of the system. Instead of spending resources to track down a stolen vehicle or to help a driver in distress, they can save with tracking that makes everything happen sooner and with better service.

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