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Masternaut Awarded An Extended Contract

Masternaut has been a leader in vehicle tracking for years. They were just awarded an extended contract with Travis Perkins. Perkins is a business with over 1000 vehicles that will now have tracking devices installed on them. They already equipped 3000 vehicles in the fleet with tracking devices. The added 1000 is a wonderful reward for the company. Travis Perkins is a plumbing and heating company as part of the BSS Group.

They stated that they have taken the opportunity to renew the contract and add more vehicles to the tracking they already have in order to make certain that their mobile units are performing the best they can. They have a contactless interface which links to the vehicle’s on-board system. The system monitors all vehicles and provides detailed reports using Business Analyser Optimark.

Travis Perkins representative stated they are able to see how the driving is affecting efficiency and how they can change their management to ensure driver safety. The system will show the driving behaviour that may need to change whether it is a seat belt not being worn or heavy braking. They can also see acceleration, speeding, and excessive idling that may occur.

With the new investment the company is hoping to offer a driver programme in which drivers are rewarded for changing their habits. They feel this is a key tool to finding the best driver in their fleet, as well as recognising the driver’s hard work.

Real time tracking is a solution that Travis Perkins feels is necessary to any fleet business and certainly their own. They have also worked to include a PDA system management system to better help at the depot.

Travis Perkins is one of the largest builder merchants and home retailer brands in the UK with plenty of choices to choose from. The company also includes 1,800 outlets nationwide, which their vehicles deliver to.

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