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  • There are a number of different names that people use to refer this type of solution, such as Work Force Applications, as well as PDA Solutions. Regardless of what they are referred to as though, they are all able to add a similar new dimension to an organization, as they are a way to revolutionize a business by improving service and reducing expenditure.

    The Mobile Device

    Mobile Worker Solutions have existed for a number of years and usually use the latest in mobile technology to collate data, take signatures and connect employees back to the main office of a business. There are a number of different pieces of hardware that are suitable for the purpose and which one is chosen really depends on what it is used for and how robust it needs to be. For example, someone delivering items might need a device that is tough and that also includes a scanner for barcodes. The most popular choices though are a PDA, BlackBerry or a mobile phone.

    Many of these devices also have GPS features, which means that they can serve the double purpose of acting as a satellite navigation system and also a tracking system. A good example of how these features could all be combined is the process of sending an engineer to a job. The head office would be able to determine which engineer was closest to the address of the job and then send details of the job to them via their PDA. The engineer could then use the PDA to navigate to the job, before then using it to obtain a signature when the job is finished. Throughout the process the head office would also be able to keep constant tabs on the location of the engineer and therefore his progress.

    The Software

    The most important part of the whole Work Force Solution is the software and it is usually adapted to comply with the exact requirements of the company. A number of different processes – such as job sheets, vehicle check lists and time sheets – can be automated through the software and therefore save the company lots of time and effort, as well as paper! The mobile device can also be connected to the office so that details such as the customer signature can be obtained just moments after it has been inputted.

    It is important to always carefully consider a number of different factors when choosing a software system for a business. Factors to be considered include what the system needs to do, the future needs of the company and the price that a system can be bought for.

    Finding a Suitable Provider

    Selecting the correct provider is absolutely essential and it will often be the case that different Mobile Workforce Solution developers will have expertise in different industries. This is important to investigate because if they do have experience, they will often be able to sell a system that has already been developed, therefore saving a considerable amount of money.

    As well as the industry specific experience, it is also important to ascertain how much experience they have with your own system. This is because there are a number of different data bases and software platforms in existence, each of which requires a different knowledge base.

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