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£395 fully installed including 36 months hosting The AMS Fleetmanager Lite vehicle tracking device is the best of breed. One payment of £395 gives 36 months tracking, all in. Go!
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Oil Prices Lower, Diesel Prices Stay The Same

The price of oil has come down considerably and is the lowest it has been in two months. In fact it is about 10% lower than it was 2 months ago. If you look at the price of diesel and petrol you will soon see that it is more or less the same price as it was two months ago.

There are two main reasons for this. The first being the exchange rates between the dollar and the pound mean that it costs more in sterling to buy anything which is sold in dollars. Crude oil tends to be sold in dollars.

The second reason is that when oil prices go down, it is while before this crude oil is processed and made into diesel or petrol which you purchase at the forecourt. That said, when price of oil goes up, you do not see the same delay.

The fact is that in this day an age you need to think of other ways to lower your fuel costs. Cutting down on wasted journeys and making sure that vehicles are only used for business use is one very affective way to lower fuel costs. When you cut out wasted fuel typically you can expect to see a 5% – 15 % saving on your monthly fuel costs. Vehicle tracking is an ideal way to control the use of your vehicles and costs on average only £15 – £20 per month.

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