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Points of Interest

You may have heard of points of interest from using a satnav or POIs as they are often referred to. For those who have not heard of them a point of interest are certain locations which are mapped out on your satnav or vehicle tracking system. They can be petrol stations, fast food restaurants, service stations and hotels to name just a few.

Many vehicle tracking systems use point of interests, but in a slightly different way from satnavs. With a vehicle tracking system you can input your own points of interest. These may be your customers depots and offices, your head office and locations of your drivers homes.

An alert can be sent out if a driver enters or leaves the predetermined area of the point of interest. These alerts can be emailed or sent via sms. Also a daily or weekly report of the POIs that have been visited by each driver and at what times they have been visited can be viewed via many tracking systems

These POIs can often be imported into the tracking system via an .CSV file. Although this is only really useful if you have e a lot of POIs to import.

On a tracking system POIs are often referred to as GeoFences or a Ring Fence.

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