Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Real time vehicle tracking means that the tracking device relays the information and its location live to your desktop pc or laptop. In other words you can view the location and other information live and in real time.

There are vehicle tracking systems which are not give you the information in real time. Some tracking systems require the driver to return to base before the manager can view the data stored on the vehicle tracking device.

This has the obvious disadvantage managers cannot get up to the minute information on where their fleet vehicles are at all times. It is still useful and for some businesses a tracking system which does not communicate the information live is ok. They may use it mainly to work out the millage, time spent on the road and other information that they do not need right away.

Real time vehicle tracking has the benefit of being able to give fleet managers alerts on a variety of things such as congestion zone alerts and geo fencing alerts.

Congestion zone alerts as the name suggests alert managers when a vehicle has entered the London congestion zone. This means that you will be aware that the congestion zone fee needs paying and can therefore avoid a costly fine.

Geo fencing alerts warn managers when a vehicle leaves or enters a predefined area. You can even add the time element to this. So if a vehicle does not or does enter or leave an area at a specified time then an alert is sent. This can be very useful to monitor the progress of deliveries or journeys that need to be made by certain times.

All of these alerts can be via email, SMS or both. This means if the manager is out and about or not always at his desk he can still receive alerts to his phone. This is very useful for the modern manager who it often called away to deal with various requests.

Real time vehicle tracking systems are more expensive, but as the advantages out way other vehicle tracking systems they are very popular and will only continue to become more popular as their price drops.

Vehicle Tracking Throughout The UK

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