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Remote Asset Management with Vehicle Tracking

Remote Asset Management is one option with vehicle tracking a company can have. A recent posting insinuated that vehicle tracking with Remote Asset Management or RAM is one way to save a company money.

One would think that stealing a HGV vehicle would be difficult since the truck can really stick out. Despite the fact that these vehicles are huge they can still be stolen and hard to track down. Thieves have been stealing big trucks and other vehicles for several decades now. In more recent decades it has got more troubling for them to pull it off given the technology. Recent news shows us why it is more impossible now and it makes fleet owners understand the benefits of vehicle tracking.

Most fleet companies that have HGV’s know that they are indispensable. It is imperative for these vehicles to remain in good condition in order to keep their business going. They also know that it is easy to spot large vehicles like HGVs. However, they still get stolen so incepting this issue with fleet tracking is imperative.

Remote Asset Management is a live tracking option that allows the management company to know where its HGV vehicles are at any given time. They are in a management company base looking at the assets via GPS signals.

Any time a fleet vehicle is stolen the RAM company can issue an alert and have the police start tracking the GPS. It helps the company get the truck back before the GPS is disabled or the truck becomes truly missing. The most important feature of vehicle tracking with Remote Asset Management is that one gets alerts when the truck is moving but should not be. In other words, the early warning system helps stop thefts from being successful; therefore, saving money not only on the lost goods but also on obtaining a new truck.

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