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Should More Road Tax Be Reinvested Into Our Roads?

In recent years we have experienced some harsh winters by UK standards. Snow and ice have taken their toll on many UK roads, in particular our local roads. There are many holes and dips in our roads which need to be repaired, but are simply being left to get worse. This makes driving up these roads less pleasant and harder on our vehicles.

Many UK road users have expressed their desire for more of our road tax to be reinvested back into repairing the local roads and motorways. The feeling amongst many people is that road tax is being used in other areas unrelated to the road system.

Also where it is invested in the road system it is thought that a lot of this money is wasted on projects that are poorly planned and inefficiently executed.

After the cost of fuel, the state of our roads and how long it takes to repair them is the next most concerning thing regarding the road network.

The problem is that the UK has huge debt problems and the government are trying to juggle the finances between getting things done and lowering the levels of borrowing. This I feel is affecting the rate at which road related projects are being completed by.

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