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Snail Trails With Speed Alerts

A big part of modern GPS vehicle tracking systems is historic reporting. Historic reporting is looking back at the reports on what each vehicle has done in the past you can select to view a report on any vehicle with in your fleet for any day you choose.

Much of this information is displayed as a snail trail on the map within the vehicle tracking web application. The snail trail shows you where the vehicle went and marks on it points where the vehicle idled excessively, broke the speed limit and many other useful pieces of information.

It can be very useful to view these snail trails if you need to prove where a driver was at any point in the past. This can help in a myriad of situations including false insurance claims, unjust speeding tickets, proving that staff skived off, proving the staff used the vehicle at times they should not and many other things.

Snail trails are common place on tracking system applications these days and are a very popular feature of GPS vehicle tracking systems. Being able to see not only live but retrospectively where you vehicles were is incredibly useful.

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