Stolen Vehicle Tracking

For people who own expensive motor vehicles such as BMWs, Mercedes, Ferraris, Porches and Bentleys vehicle tracking has become quite popular. The reason is simple, insurance companies either make it compulsory to have a vehicle tracking system installed or they give huge discounts if you get tracking installed. Usually the discount will out way the cost of getting a tracking system installed.

Insurance companies only recognise Thatcham approved systems. Therefore if you are looking for a tracking system for this purpose you need to make sure it is a Thatcham approved system or it will be of no use to you.

You can get a competitive quote on a Thatcham approved vehicle tracking system by completing the quick quote form on the left.

Insurance companies now believe that vehicle tracking can help to seriously cut down the number of expensive cars stolen and also increase the recovery rate of vehicles that are stolen. This will help to reduce the claims made to insurance companies and lower their costs. It benefits both the car owners and the drivers.

In fact it benefits the Police as well as it helps them to crack down on car theft gangs who are now working in the UK in increasing numbers.

Stealing expensive cars to order is a growing problem and is organised crime. Many of these car thefts are done by gangs who work across Europe and indeed even around the world. They steal expensive cars which are then shipped abroad never to be seen again. Once they are abroad they will be swapped to left hand drive if necessary and have their identification stripped. Then they are sold on the black market.

Stolen vehicle tracking is the answer to this growing problem and could save us billions of pounds every year. If you are interested in investing in a stolen vehicle tracking system simply complete the short form on the left.

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