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Teletrac 20/20 Offers Midsize And Small Fleet Company’s A New Tool

Telematics provider Teletrac has just unveiled a new solution aimed at midsize and and small sized fleets. The new Teletrac 20/20 takes vehicle location and GPS vehicle tracking to a new level, the Teletrac 20/20 offers fleet company’s a new level of efficiencies on fuel savings improved performance on driver and dispatcher productivity.

The Teletrac 20/20 gives fleet company’s access to features targeted to their operations and business requirements. The teletrac 20/20 uses some of the most advanced technologies around, it offers enhanced mapping via bing interactive maps which give a clear visualisation, interactive mapping and video playback. This helps dispatchers track their mobile assets and manage operations in real-time.

It offers satellite mapping in either 2D or 3D and includes live traffic reports which helps dispatchers make operational decisions based on traffic congestion as it occurs. It can help identify the nearest vehicle based on speed and location giving customers accurate times of arrival of their service calls.

It also provides fleet managers with a comprehensive over view of drivers performance including breaks, fuel efficiency and driving habits, this can help a fleet manager identify drivers who drive inappropriately, during their working hours. It can also help to monitor that vehicles are not being used outside working hours without the company’s consent.

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