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Tracking Is Not Just For Spying On Your Employees

One of the main reasons businesses give for using vehicle tracking is to keep tabs on their drivers and mobile workers. It helps them to cut out un-allowed usage of company vehicles and puts a stop on skiving in working hours. There is no arguing that this is one of the biggest benefits to businesses investing in vehicle tracking. By achieving these two basic goals it can save many times the value of the tracking it’s self, but it is not the only benefit of vehicle tracking.

Vehicle tracking can also help to increase productivity of the staff in the office and warehouse. You may ask how this is possible as you are not tracking the office and warehouse staff. Well it’s simple. Often staff back at base need to know where the various members of the mobile team are.

Traditionally this will be done by phoning them on their mobile phones, asking another member of the team who has sent them out on the job or guessing where they might be. All of these methods have drawbacks including the following; they are time consuming, inaccurate, rely on other members of the team being available, rely on the drivers being honest or to call someone on their phone if they do not have a hands free car kit is unsafe.

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