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  • There are a large number of different questions that are commonly asked about tracking systems. Below details just a few of the most regularly asked and aims to provide the answers that many people are looking for…

    Is a Tracking System Tough to Operate?

    When the tracking system first hit the market, many of them were reasonably complex and therefore people struggled with them. Luckily though this has now changed and the systems have become intuitive and easy for people of all technical abilities to operate, regardless of their needs and position within the business. In fact, most of the tracking systems now available are even able to automate many of their roles, therefore meaning that they actually save time and effort – something that is invaluable to any business! These time saving features include on the spot notifications, email reports and updates on key information – all of which are extremely useful features.

    How Many People Have Access to a Tracking System?

    There are generally speaking two different types of tracking systems available, with the most common of these being the system that lets people sign in to the information through a secured website. This means that information can be gathered regardless of where someone is in the world – all that they need is a computer and an internet connection! When this type of tracking system is installed, there is generally no limit on the amount of people able to use it.

    The other type of tracking system uses something called “Thin Client” software, which basically requires a small download to be installed on to the computer that will be accessing the information. Usually this type of system has no maximum amount of users either, but it is always prudent to ask the supplier before agreeing to make the purchase.

    Are There Regular Updates and How Much Do They Cost?

    All tracking companies will update their systems on a regular basis to make sure that their customers constantly receive the latest features and innovations. These updates are almost always free for anyone that already uses the system, although some of the more major updates or new services can occasionally cost a small amount to implement.

    The mapping systems that the different companies use is also regularly updated, as it needs to include any new roads built and any recent postcodes that have been created. This type of update is also nearly always free, but it is a good idea to check with the supplier before making the purchase as to whether this is the case.

    Do These Systems Work in Europe?

    When it comes to most of the tracking systems, the overwhelming answer to this question is “yes”. It must be remembered though that some other European countries don’t possess the great GPS infrastructure that the United Kingdom has, so the way that the tracking system works might not always be as effective.

    The mapping of different vehicles throughout Europe will not usually cost any extra money, but the tracking aspect of the system will incur an extra charge. This is due to the fact that mobile communication data is used to send the updates and therefore this often means that roaming charges can be applied – something that is often rather costly. It is always best to check with the supplier regarding this before using the system outside of the United Kingdom.

    Does it Matter What Size a Fleet Is?

    Even businesses with just one vehicle can gain massive reward through the use one of these systems, and most suppliers will be more than happy to discuss this requirement. There are a few though that only focus on larger fleets so will not be able to offer a good deal to a smaller company. Make sure to utilize our no obligation comparison table and quote service to ensure that you get the right deal for your money.

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