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  • For anyone that has less than 18 months to run on their current vehicle tracking system contract, then this article is for you. Upgrading your tracking system can have a number of excellent benefits, such as saving you up to 20% on the current price you are paying, as well as allowing you access to all of the latest developments in the vehicle tracking industry.

    Just over the last few years the cost of vehicle tracking has decreased substantially, while the technology used has also increased at the same time. This means that more and more businesses are seeing the benefits that can be had by upgrading their existing vehicle tracking contracts.

    Why Should your Company Upgrade?

    There are a number of benefits to having a vehicle tracking system installed, and having used the system for a number of years you will already be aware of the basic ones. However, recently there have been a number of improvements within the industry:

    • Driver ID. This is a system whereby each driver is required to identify themselves through the use of an electronic key. Should the driver fail to identify themselves, the vehicle will fail to start. This means that every business can keep an accurate record of which employee uses which vehicle, as well as help to protect themselves against theft. It is even possible to remotely immobilize the vehicle if required.
    • CAN-bus Integration. The CAN-bus of a vehicle provides detailed information regarding many different aspects of the vehicle. It can show the MPG of a vehicle, the engine RPM and much more, which adds an immense amount to the ROI value of the tracking system. The main uses for CAN-bus integration are the ability to increase fuel efficiency and also a way to reduce a vehicles wear and tear through monitoring the way that someone drives. They are only considered effective for use in HGVs though.
    • Satellite Imagery. This is a feature that now comes as standard with nearly every new tracking system and provides photographs of the terrain, therefore making it easier to visualize exactly where a vehicle is. It also allows the use of landmarks and other features to provide better directions to drivers.
    • Frequent Updates. GPRS data has seen a significant reduction in cost over the last few years, therefore meaning that it is now both cheap and easy to receive updates regularly. Most systems report the location of a vehicle every minute now and some even provide reports more frequently than this.
    • Driver Behaviour Monitoring. This will report back on the way that a vehicle is being driven, such as any instances of hard braking, excessive speed and excessive acceleration. This will obviously help to reduce the danger your drivers put themselves in while on the road, but will also lead to a decrease in vehicle servicing costs and less general wear and tear on the vehicle.
    • Other Reasons to Upgrade. Many people are dissatisfied with their current provider and want to move to another company that provides them with the services that they provide. It could also be the case that the provider is no longer in business but you still have to make the remaining payments on the contract. Whatever the reason though, TrackCompare will help you come to the correct decision.
    • How Does it Work?

      Should you be in the position where by you have less than 18 months left on your contract, mot tracking providers will be able to offer you a deal whereby they buy out the remainder of the contract and therefore allow you to switch to them immediately. As the cost of tracking has reduced by so much over the past few years, taking out a new contract will not cause your monthly payments to go up and you will also be able to use a whole host of new and exciting features.

      What are the Usual Requirements?

      When it comes to upgrading your vehicle tracking contract, there are usually only two requirements. These are that you must be within 18 months of finishing your current contract and that you must also be willing to sign a new contract that usually has a term of 3-5 years.

      What Companies Offer This?

      Most tracking companies will offer this service. For more information, please use out quick and easy comparison service.


      These upgrades will allow your company to benefit from two different things – a lower cost contract and a system that uses much more advanced technology. It also means that companies that have expanded quickly over the last few years don’t need to wait until their current contract expires before they can add tracking devices to all of their new vehicles.

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