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Vehicle Tracking Is Not The Only Way To Increase Road Safety

Vehicle tracking is one way to increase road safety and it is a very effective method. Drivers who know they are being monitored and will be reprimanded or warned about unsafe driving tend to drive more safely on the whole.

With duty of care now being a big issue in the world of fleet management, many businesses are getting vehicle tracking systems which can not only monitor the location of their vehicles, but also the speed and way they are driven.

The thing is this is not the only factor of road safety. Another big factor is the safety of the vehicles themselves. In surveys done many fleet managers do not even consider the Ncap rating of a vehicle before they purchase it. In fact only 28% of fleet managers take into account the Ncap rating of the vehicles they buy and lease. Yet 42% of all these managers do take into account duty of care.

Another technology which not all fleet managers seem to be aware of is ESC (Electronic stability control). This technology detects skids and minimises them by applying the brakes to a one or several of the wheels as it is needed. It can make the vehicle a hell of a lot safer and should be on all work vehicles.

To cut a long story short fleet managers need to factor in the safety ratings and features when looking at investing in new vehicles for their fleet.

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