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Vehicle Tracking Is Not The Only Way To Save On Fuel

Vehicle tracking is a great way to cut your fuel consumption. It really can help to cut down on wasted fuel. This is done by putting an end to out of hours usage, helping to cut down on uneconomical driving and also helping to keep you organised so that drivers can take the best routes.

The fact is though vehicle tracking is not the only way you can save money on fuel. There are other ways to bring down your fuel consumption. Here are a few tips.

1) More often than not supermarkets are the cheapest place to buy your fuel from and the cheapest supermarket to get your fuel from is Asda. They charge the same price nationwide, unlike many of the other supermarket chains and they are usually the cheapest.

2) If you travel reasonable distances rather than driving within the same area all the time, this second tip can also help to save you a fare few bob. If you have towns or areas you visit frequently, work out which area has the cheapest petrol station. Then simply make sure you fill up when you visit that area. Also work out which is the most expensive area to fill up in and avoid filling up in that area. Sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people over look this simple tip and it can save you a lot of money.

3) Use to find cheapest petrol station in your area or indeed any area that you visit frequently.

4) Turn off your air conditioning as this makes your car run less economically.

5) Close your windows where you can as this also means your car is less aerodynamic and will burn more fuel.

6) Service your car more frequently and keep tyres pumped up fully to ensure your car is running as economically as possible.

7) Don’t carry around pointless stuff in your back seat or boot as this will add weight to the car and will cause your car to work harder and burn more fuel.

8 ) Lastly fast acceleration and harsh breaking is an uneconomical way of driving and will burn more fuel.

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