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Vehicle Tracking Saves Money, But It’s Not The Only Cost Cutter

Vehicle tracking systems or fleet tracking as it is often known as is a great way of cutting the costs of running your fleet, but it’s not the only way to save money. There are other ways  to cut fleet costs.

One of the big ways to cut down on costs is fuel. Obviously vehicle tracking systems can help you to do this, but another great way to cut fuel costs are fuel cards. Fuel cards are a great tool for businesses to utilise as they do two things. Firstly they save on paperwork.

If you have ever run a fleet of vehicles where the drivers hand in receipts for each individual fuel transaction made, you will know what a pain in the neck it is. Not only this, they come from multiple petrol stations and the petrol prices vary. With fuel cards you can cut down on paperwork dramatically.

Also fuel cards can give you a lower rate on your fuel than if you were to just put it on your credit card. Therefore you can get a lower rate than the price advertised on the forecourt.

Unlike a credit card your staff cannot use it to pay for other items. They can only buy fuel with it.

Hey vehicle tracking systems are great but don’t overlook other money saving methods. Fuel cards are a great place to start, but make sure you get the best one for your business needs. Not all fuel cards are equal. Some are better suited to companies running fleets of HGVs others are better for small fleets of vehicles. There are plenty of comparison sites online that can give you a good overview of the fuel card market.

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