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Vehicle Tracking Systems In Kenya

As we have spoken about here on this blog before. Vehicle tracking is something which is growing in popularity in developing nations. It is very useful in large countries such as Kenya where it is easy to lose track of a car very quickly, especially if it is stolen.

The problem has always been that the quality of service is not consistent throughout the country due to the GSM communications not being reliable enough in larger countries where the infrastructure is under developed.

They have grown in popularity in Kenya due to the fact that car theft is rife. The difference between car tracking in this country and car tracking in Kenya is that many people do not trust the tracking companies. It is believed by many that tracking companies charge to fit tracking devices which are never actually installed. The tracking company simply pretends to fit the device and then charges the customer for the privilege. Therefore they use tracking systems whereby they take control of the tracking of their vehicle or vehicles.

These vehicle tracking systems utilise GPS, GSM and GPRS to give the car owner real time tracking via their mobile phone. These systems can track vehicles all over the continent of Africa although there are some doubts about their coverage throughout the continent.

Another advantage to these vehicle tracking systems is that they are much cheaper than many other systems available on the market.

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