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Vehicle Tracking used to combat Fuel Costs

Vehicle tracking can help adapt your driver’s behaviour and cut your costs. When fleet companies have to worry about petrol and diesel costs, it pays to know where you can find savings. It is hard to just take someone’s word for the savings one can find; therefore, West Dunbartonshire Council is a perfect example.

They recently released a study on how much they are able to save using fleet tracking to reduce costs and save their residents money. The council has 380 vehicles that deliver services to residents. The fleet is made up of cars, minibuses, vans, refuse trucks, and road sweepers. All of these vehicles cost two million pounds to run on an annual basis. In March 2010, the TomTom Link300 was added to 260 of the vehicles the council runs.

A year later they have released their savings. They were able to reduce their fuel spending by 100,000 pounds in just over a year. This is a staggering amount when one considers that fuel costs have also increased in the last year.

West Dunbartonshire is looking for more than just fuel savings though. They have also looked at long term savings and less pollution. With the additional savings in fuel because they are using less fuel to do their tasks, the council is able to reduce their CO2 emissions. The TomTom ecoPlus will be set up on a number of vehicles to address the pollution issue.

Even for those who do not want to use vehicle tracking, the devices have shown how changing driver behaviour can be a savings to any fleet company. By reducing excessive fuel wastage it is possible to save money. For any company that wants to find a way to protect the environment and save money, the council is a good role model.

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